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I Am Autistic – Unleashed


  • When I get overwhelmed,
  • I will often go somewhere private,
  • And break down crying,
  • I am Autistic.
  • This means that I don’t do it,
  • To get others attention.
  • I don’t use people but instead,
  • Respect them and care about them,
  • I am Autistic.
  • I will never feed into your self-deception,
  • To keep your feelings from getting hurt,
  • Because that is not what a True friend does,
  • So, I will be Honest with you,
  • Even if you don’t like it!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I write in Truth,
  • Because that is the only way that I know how!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I spend most of my time,
  • Thinking about others welfare,
  • Because that is my Natural way of thinking!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I shy away from the rest of society,
  • Because I am very True to myself,
  • And it is hard to associate,
  • With those that are not!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I don’t allow negative attributes,
  • From society to enter my head,
  • Because of this my mind remains clean,
  • And processes information quicker!
  • I am Autistic.
  • When I get around to much technology or people,
  • I will often try to focus on one thing.
  • It is because I am taking in more information,
  • Than most can comprehend.
  • I don’t want to get overwhelmed again,
  • Because I don’t want to have to find a place,
  • that is private,
  • Where I can cry again!
  • I am Autistic.

How about you?

Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed

Here is a little bit more understanding on this subject!  (Please understand I am not referring to All)

1. – NT’s are a part of society!  That society has raised them (Indoctrination) to live on a lot of lies and unnatural ways of doing things!  (When you are living on lies and deceptive ideas your mind can’t work very fast because of these conflicts, and the more you have in your mind, the less intelligent you will become!  This is LITERALLY why Autistics should avoid getting to involved with society for now!)  The ‘Power of Association’ will do damage to the Autistics here!

2. – Autistics generally stay away from society which means they aren’t getting indoctrinated into all the lies as much or as quickly! (The less conflicts within your mind the more intelligent and Honest you will become!  We are ALL born with good morals and then society slowly erodes away at those good morals!  Or as I like to say, “We are born sinless and Pure!”  The church says that they have to teach kids good morals when in fact what they are really doing is tearing those children away from the morals they were born with!  The church says, “We are all sinners!” and I asked them, “What sins has a newborn baby committed?”  This is where they STFU!)

 Have a Great Day!

“NT’s can become Honest with themselves and others, just like Autistics, and once they do, then they will be diagnosed with Autism!”  –  Doug Chandler

(There is far more Truth to this statement than you can imagine!)

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The Truth About Autistics Lesson-1 Emotional Breakdowns – Unleashed

‘True’ Emotional Breakdowns by non-Autistics and Autistics are Really the same because if you have a TRUE emotional breakdown you do not want any kind of attention or want anyone around you!

Emotional Breakdowns as Autistics have them is completely Natural!  What isn’t natural is the way that Non-Autistics have them because their emotional breakdowns are often partially fake to get attention!

Non-Autistics have been indoctrinated from early childhood into an idea that many of them never grow out of.  This idea they mostly learned as a way to manipulate their parents and friends and it simply became a habit that they then do mostly automatically without even realizing it.

It was one of the first indoctrinations that they started doing oftentimes at an age where they were just learning how to talk!

This started as ‘crying to simply get what you want’.  It evolved into, as they got a little older, if they felt sad and wanted some comfort, then adding a little extra ‘Fake” emotions when you are around other people, will usually get you someone that will come over and sympathize with you or give you a hug, so you feel better.

The Truth is most non-Autistics can’t really have True emotional breakdowns because of all the lies their own lives are built upon!  In other words, the number of indoctrinating ideas within their own lives makes it hard for them to understand what Truth is and what is Not.

Autistics are more Honest with themselves and others around them!  We know this to be a fact and they oftentimes get themselves in trouble because they say what they are thinking, or are completely Truthful, in a society that is not used to that!

Most of the ideas in non-autistics are based on theories, not on logical thinking or ideas with fact-based evidence which Autistics mainly rely on to determine absolute Truths!

There have been news reports about how Autistics in the work force, when paired with other Autistics, they generally dominate the part of that company they are in because Autistics only make decisions on either fact-based evidence or logic compared to non-Autistics who often make decisions based on theories rather than logic.  Well, it should be obvious which way of thinking is going to provide better results than the other.

Many non-autistics don’t even understand what ‘logical thinking’ really is because they aren’t used to using it!

Non-Autistics have also been indoctrinated into a bunch of ideas that cause them to be self-deceptive rather than Honest with themselves!  Here is a way to prove this!

Have a non-Autistic write down all of their personal thoughts in 1000 words or more!  Do the same with an Autistic!

When you read over the 2 papers, the non-Autistics will have a bunch of contradicting ideas because in Truth, they don’t really know what to believe because of all the false truths that they have accepted into their minds.

The Autistics, on the other hand, will have a lot less contradictions because they are more honest with themselves.

This is actually a strategy I created that I used on myself so I could become honest with myself!  So, in reality, it is a good thing to do whether you are testing someone or not!

Now back to the emotional breakdowns and my experience with them!

Back when I was a non-Autistic I was always confused, was about as dumb as a rock and wasn’t able to write even 2 paragraphs that would make any sense, and I had no idea what to believe because of all the things I was being told that didn’t seem to add up.  I didn’t understand at the time what logical thinking was either.

I was never taught to question other people’s ideas but instead was simply expected to accept ideas without question, something that starts with the church and their illogical ideas.  But being raised in a home that was committed to church constantly, I was required to go to church and was supposed to believe the BS they were teaching me, but I never accepted any of it because it just didn’t feel right.

Anyways, so as a non-Autistic, I do not ever remember having a REAL emotional breakdown because there was nothing REAL within my life.  In other words, you must have an established Truth in your life in order to have a True emotional breakdown!  I had no idea what was True in my Life and what was not, so I would never have known what I could have had a True emotional breakdown about!  The reason I didn’t understand anything as Truth is because of the massive number of indoctrinations coming at me from every direction!  From church, from school, from my parents, from society, etc.  It causes your intelligence to go down very quickly as you get older which is why kids learn faster than adults because they haven’t accepted all these indoctrinating ideas into their lives yet that make them dumber.

Sorry for being that Honest on my last word but it is True!

When I started questioning everything and put myself into an Autistic state, I was trying to increase my intelligence by getting away from a society that was only confusing me and holding me down from my goals.  I de-friended all of my friends because I didn’t want to be like them because I started to come to the understanding that you will become like those you associate with, otherwise known as ‘The Power of Association’ that I talk about in other writings.  I was also trying to get away from the church and all their illogical ideas that made no sense because I wanted to study some secret teachings of Christ that the church wouldn’t even recognize as Their own God’s teachings, which seemed really weird to me.

And so, for the next 30 years I spent a lot of time alone where my only companion and first relationship was with God himself and this is another paper, I need to write on why Christ taught to be a solitary man, because I understand through experience, what the church hasn’t understood for 1,700 years.

Since I have become very Honest with myself through questioning all the BS I was raised on, I have had more than enough TRUE emotional breakdowns, but I always make sure I only do it when no one else is around because of another indoctrination built into society of ‘judging others’ which the church clearly does after teaching you this, “Judge not lest ye be judged”!  I now find all of the hypocrisies within the church extremely amusing and often wonder how people don’t see it all, but then I remember that I used to be as dumb as a rock too!

So anyways, back to the topic I keep wandering off of! :\

What Autistics are seeing as what they think are emotional breakdowns are simply a non-autistic that is feeling bad about something and ads on a little pizzazz, not because they are having a TRUE emotional breakdown, but because they are trying to get some attention.  And they do this without realizing it back and forth.  They are deceiving themselves as well as the other person involved, something I call ‘lying with no regrets’, because that is what they have been indoctrinated into!  Most of them won’t agree about this because of ‘Pride’ which is another unnatural indoctrinated idea into society.

When I am talking about indoctrinations, I am referring to America where I grew up!  I believe it is one of the worst countries in the world for the number of illogical ideas they have accepted by the church that built the country.

Here is another indoctrination that they won’t admit to, but it should be completely obvious.

Self-focus which is not natural!

When you self-focus you start to believe that you are better than everyone else.  When they do that as a society, they believe their society is better than all others on this planet, and then they talk down among each other about all other people on the planet and when others are born into their society that are different, like Autistics, they will always call it a disorder or a disease because they believe they are better than those New people!

Most people outside of America already realize this, but here is what no one else does realize!

The Truth about why Autistics were created by God & associates and a whole lot of qualities that are an upgrade from the current society!

The reason that Autistics don’t care about associating with society and why they think logically when the rest of society doesn’t!  I read a blog recently about an Autistic that had forced himself to start associating with a group of peers.  He then went on to describe several attributes he used to have that he really missed.  All of these attributes were based on his previous intelligence that he gave up by associating with others that were less intelligent than himself!  ‘The Power of Association’ is that you become like those you associate with the most!  It is a very damaging thing for Autistics to do that!  In reality, if an Autistic wants to be social with others, it makes far more sense to find another Autistic that matches your level of intelligence, over associating with society itself.

Autistics were designed to have the strength from the get-go of logical thinking and a desire to stay away from the society that has been accepting all of these illogical ideas that are mostly from the church itself, because these ideas are tearing humanity away from the True God of Nature that created us all!  The God of the church is a god of domination, hypocrisy, deception, and so many more negative attributes that it is amazing anyone believes anything about him, but like I said, I used to be there!

I am starting to teach Autistics the Truth about themselves and how they have been designed to be closer to God as well as have natural defenses built within themselves to stop the church from ever being able to convince them of the BS they are teaching!  There is a lot more I can describe in detail about Autistics and their upgrades from the rest of humanity.

Some may ask how I could know all of this and for now all I’m going to say is, “Because I am One of the Original designers!”.

If you want to see more Truths that most will have a hard time comprehending, then feel free to invite some friends, because I am going to start writing on many different blogs based on different subjects.  The ones that I have more increase in subscribers will be the ones I write more on, because that only makes sense!

I am the First of my Kind, just as Autistics being born today are some of the First of their kind!  I am going to start teaching other non-Autistics how to become more Honest with themselves and become Autistic like myself through their own choice rather than having been born with these strengths!

And I will admit this, myself as well as other non-autistics that decide to join the fight against indoctrination will NEVER be as strong as the Autistics that are being born today!  I am ecstatic about my new family that is going to lead this world out of a lot of the problems that are being created by those who are trying to control the masses!

If any Doctors who think they know more about Autism than myself that wish to leave their Logical explanation of what they know, please feel free to do so!  But if you can’t explain it Logically or make it so that it makes sense, then feel free to just throw it in the trash where it belongs, because I don’t want to hear any of your confusing ideas that don’t make any sense to anyone but yourself!  Because if you do not have experience with Autism yourself, then all you are teaching is theories!  So, stop winging it and just go home and think about what you are doing to everyone else when you fake having knowledge of something!  It is very damaging to all of society, which is pretty much destroyed anyways, but that is beside the point.

If you are a parent of an Autistic child, I will give you this advice!  Your child is a logical thinker, so if you try to push an illogical belief system on them you might just be pushing them away from yourself!  I am working on an educational system for parents like you so that you may do some things that will clear your own minds so that you will have much greater understanding of your child and the responsibility of yours to not try and indoctrinate them into beliefs that you have not confirmed as being True through ‘logical thinking’.  Because if you don’t confirm whether it is True or not, they eventually will, and if they come to the conclusion that you taught them a bunch of ideas that were not True, they just may hate you, just as I hate my own parents, and Christ hated his in which he talks about, but the church doesn’t understand once again.  Because you can hate what someone stands for but still Love them for who they are beneath that!  (Just another paper in the making)

What about this?

Have a Good Day! – Seen everywhere in society – How mediocre of them!

Have a Great Day! – Very seldom seen – Now that’s more like it!

Got any thoughts or questions on this subject?  Feel free to ask as it may be something many others want to know also!  I will try my best to answer but I don’t have answers to everything!

Autistic Evolution – https://autisticevolution470454948.wordpress.com/

  • “If you can believe in yourself,
  • But focus on helping others,
  • Then you have the ability,
  • To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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Autistic Evolution - Currently under construction - Blog is active though.

‘True’ Emotional Breakdowns by non-Autistics and Autistics are Really the same because if you have a TRUE emotional breakdown you do not want any kind of attention or want anyone around you!

Emotional Breakdowns as Autistics have them is completely Natural! What isn’t natural is the way that Non-Autistics have them because their emotional breakdowns are often partially fake to get attention!

Non-Autistics have been indoctrinated from early childhood into an idea that many of them never grow out of. This idea they mostly learned as a way to manipulate their parents and friends and it simply became a habit that they then do mostly automatically without even realizing it.

It was one of the first indoctrinations that they started doing oftentimes at an age where they were just learning how to talk!

This started as ‘crying to simply get what you want’. It evolved into, as they got a…

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Autistic Out of Choice – Unleashed

I have been Autistic for 30+ years out of a choice I personally made that put me into that state.  In those years I was able to strengthen my abilities to suppress my emotions, when I need to, so I can’t be as easily controlled by society by using my own emotions against me.  One of Nature’s way of dealing with this was to create an evolved version of humanity that already has this strength built into them and is emotionally suppressed from the start thereby protecting their young minds from being easily controlled and manipulated through their emotions themselves.  So, they are more protected from having societies indoctrinating ways getting driven into them, so much so, that the public-school system doesn’t want anything to do with them. 

It is pissing off the system into showing its true face by causing them to try and pump full very young children, of mind altering and very addictive drugs, in the name of public education itself! 

This evolutionary strength that is being built into children, for their own protection, is referred to by society as Autism.

There are many more attributes that I had built up over time, and it is because I built up these resistances against indoctrinating ideas, that caused me to get so much closer to God itself.  I’m the first to have done this in a very long time and God realized that and decided to create Evolution in Humanity at the same time.

I’ll talk later about some of the things I had to do to myself to build these strengths.  I’m glad that God was able to rewrite these attributes into humanity so that people would have these from birth as I don’t think I ever could have guided anyone on the path I had to take to do this!

I had mentioned somewhere some of the sacrifices I had to make in my life to get as close to God, and even closer, than Jesus Christ himself.

Some of those sacrifices kept me from ever having a family of my own and then God just blew me away with this because now each of those Autistics being born are a little bit my family through the strengths, I was able to pass onto them.  I hope one day I’ll get to meet some of them!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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