Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed

Here is a little bit more understanding on this subject!  (Please understand I am not referring to All) 1. – NT’s are a part of society!  That society has raised them (Indoctrination) to live on a lot of lies and unnatural ways of doing things!  (When you are living on lies and deceptive ideas yourContinue reading “Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed”

The Truth About Autistics Lesson-1 Emotional Breakdowns – Unleashed

Originally posted on Autistic Evolution – Currently under construction – Blog is active though.:
‘True’ Emotional Breakdowns by non-Autistics and Autistics are Really the same because if you have a TRUE emotional breakdown you do not want any kind of attention or want anyone around you! Emotional Breakdowns as Autistics have them is completely Natural!?…

Autistic Out of Choice – Unleashed

I have been Autistic for 30+ years out of a choice I personally made that put me into that state.  In those years I was able to strengthen my abilities to suppress my emotions, when I need to, so I can’t be as easily controlled by society by using my own emotions against me.  OneContinue reading “Autistic Out of Choice – Unleashed”

The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed

The Church teaches that God is Everywhere, but then they stop there! God is everywhere, AND He is in everyone!  God is a part of ALL of his Creation! This means that ANYONE can speak with God’s voice and by limiting ourselves to petty beliefs, we only limit our own potential! Christ himself knew thisContinue reading “The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed”

Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-2 – Unleashed

–Continued…. From – Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-1 – Unleashed  https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/autistics-enhancements-over-the-rest-of-humanity-explained-part-1-unleashed/(opens in a new tab) -In my last writeup on this subject I listed 2 of the strengths that nature has enhanced Autistic Individuals with!  1 of those enhancements was one of the first things that Jesus Christ had taughtContinue reading “Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-2 – Unleashed”

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