Please Be Patient

I am redesigning this sight to be much more navigable because in Truth it has turned into an Absolute disaster for anyone trying to find their way around!

Have a Great Day! 🙂


Here is a funny thought! This sight would make a great ‘Bad Example’ of how to create a WordPress sight! LOL 😛 🙂

One thought on “Please Be Patient”

  1. Brothers and sisters is my current permanent truth.. Can you bless me with 20 minutes sporadically? I’m not stealing users but if you can print out the house of the witness sections, it explains a lot of hidden truths to me.. I want people to feel as good as I do about the physical comcrust.. print it on white paper and follow back through the link (front and back). Ots written in different intelligence levels and has a few fun mind games.. never share it digitally but you can point someone you’d consider a witness to read it.. I can’t add my email, I don’t want my real name just my pen. Anyhow will you please peer review this on bathroom breaks. Its long, it seems chaotic that you can unly understands how its breaking down by intellect by the end. The typos are half correct and the others I need to fix and have 1 more sections. It deals with the Central Majesty, creation, physics nuclear energy and shows a 30% lean to a creative dietary by collaborating time as symbolism to modern science….still be discovered. Its best read as a poetry and do not mind the errors, I need an editor. Its less than 60 pages and you would get a kick even as a coffee table book, but must swear not to distribute. I do have copy right law, just ask before digitally or mass distribution… if you like it or have pointeres. start at final sections first if it gets too dense.. and please please give me feed back! Bless you.

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