Proof That Nature Is Far More Organized Than We Had Ever Imagined – Unleashed

Nature loops throughout itself giving all things that are done naturally a purpose and it feeds back into itself!

There is a tree in the Northwest that has a very interesting ingredient that it survives off of!

The name of that tree is a Cottonwood!

It is a very heavy and dense wet wood that isn’t all that great for burning because of the nasty smell and it takes forever to dry out!

If you find an area that has a lot of stray cats and then find the nearest Cottonwood tree, you will discover that most of those cats have been peeing and pooping right at the base of the tree!

If you are familiar with this tree, then you probably already know that when you burn it, it smells like cat piss!

That is because the main nutrient for that tree is cat piss!

Cottonwoods grow very slowly, so you can imagine how much cat piss would add up over 50-100 years!  Cats are guided to do this by a Power within nature itself!

Nature literally has a purpose for everything and with this understanding that even cat piss has a purpose, it makes nature far more complex and advanced than we have ever imagined!

In Truth, nature is so far more advanced with intelligence, that it makes all of humanities intelligence, in comparison, look like goldfish turds, which I’m sure also have a purpose… LOL

There is a Power within ALL of nature that connects all species of life on this planet!

Jesus Christ often referred to this Power as God!

It is very logical and treats all of nature equally by not placing anymore importance on a human, than on a frog.

It maintains a balance within all of species and gives a little guidance, as needed, to all animals and humans.  Animals hear this guidance very clearly compared to humans because humanity has gotten so far away from respecting nature, that most of them can’t hear this voice anymore!

The only thing that nature really expects from us, is that we respect other life on this planet just like it respects us.  So, it wants us to follow its own example while also being responsible for our actions.

So, nature uses cat piss for a trees main nutrient and has a purpose for everything!  What that is saying is that Nature has the most advanced recycling system ever, built into it!  But that is not all it has built into it!  It also has much more that many dishonest people on this planet don’t want us to know about!

I’ll start talking about some of those other Amazing things in future papers!

Have a Great Day!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer


“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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