The Divine Language – Unleashed

The church has taken our language and created words from it, to impress us with those words, that sound more eloquent than the word it was derived from.  This explains why the church will rarely define a word because in the process they would be defining the word they got that word from which would just make what they have done that much more obvious.

In some cases, the original word may have been proven to be untrue and the church doesn’t want us to associate those words together in fear that it would make their own eloquent version of that word seem not as viable as it was before.



Outside the church no one really takes this word that seriously, maybe because we associate ‘tricks’ with it.

But the Divine version of this word they take very seriously in the church.  No ‘tricks’ added onto this one.

Miracles – A Divine Word

Magic = Miracle


Prophecy – A Divine Word

Did you know that millions of prophecies are fulfilled every day?

Let’s see, what is a prophecy?

It is the results of an idea written down where others can read it.  The idea is that eventually the prophecy would be fulfilled.  The longer a prophecy sits around the more likely that someone will fulfill it!

There is another form of prophecy that is the results of an idea written down, with directions, where others can read it.  You can find them everywhere, but mostly on food products!


Both a Prophecy and a recipe have to be written down to work.  Since prophecies generally lack directions, 100’s or 1,000’s of people may read it and the more that do, the better of chances that someone is going to read it, think to themselves “well, there’s a good idea”, and then that person will go figure out how to get to that desired result and BAMMM, another prophecy was fulfilled! 😊

Another way is if you are extremely intelligent, then you can very accurately predict the future because you have the ability to run a lot of scenarios through your mind to see which will most likely be the end result.

Recipe = Prophecy

Time to go get a box of macaroni and cheese and fulfill that prophecy on the back! 😊

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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