People are funny! – Unleashed

Written 6-21-19

It is amusing that people will say that ‘Anything is possible’ and then when presented with ideas that are against their own beliefs, they will completely disagree!

Doesn’t anyone else see the hypocrisy in this?

A lot of people in church would say that “anything is possible” and that was my queue to turn them into an insta-hypocrite! 😊

If you Believe anything is possible, then that would mean that you might possibly be wrong in your beliefs! 😊

That is where they quickly disagree trying to ignore their own hypocrisy.

It is best to view ALL things from multiple angles so that you can determine your own Logical Truths!

When I was younger, I taught myself to not take sides in arguments, but instead, look at it from both sides because most arguments have a little bit of right and a lot of wrong on both sides.  When you pick sides then you get stuck fighting for all the wrong that is on that side also.

Think for yourself and stop accepting everything others are telling you!  Now there is a message you will never hear in church!

If it makes sense, then it is probably far closer to the Truth than what people are telling you!

In other words, think for yourself and stop accepting all the insanely illogical ideas that parrots (people) are putting out!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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